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"I could not imagine living any place else." —Gloria Mindock

1. What is your connection to Somerville?

I moved here in 1984 and have lived in Somerville since.

2. How did or does living in Somerville influence your writing? Or, what does it mean to write from this place?

It is a great place to write because there is a strong writing and artist community. I could not imagine living any place else.

I have had the opportunity to publish great poetry and fiction by Somerville writers and publish a high school poetry anthology edited by Somerville Poet Laureate Lloyd Schwartz. This is important to give back to this wonderful community.

Being a previous Poet Laureate of Somerville, one project was bringing poetry out into the streets and reaching Somerville's different populations. Not all cities have poet laureates reaching out into the community.

3. What do other/aspiring Somerville writers need to know?

-There are many reading series in the area besides small presses, many in Somerville.

-The Bards meet every Saturday from 9AM-12:00PM at Panera’s in Cambridge which is great for networking and meeting other writers.

-The Arts at the Armory has so many events and is a wonderful place to attend events and has a great café for writing too and great café food.

-Bloc 11 is great for writing and drinking coffee.

-Sign up for the Somerville Arts Council News and list serv which is wonderful.

-The writers in Somerville are very welcoming to new residents. This is so important.

-Somerville has many squares and cozy places throughout.

Somerville has more artists and writers than I have ever encountered in other cities. We have a great community, which is supportive, that makes Somerville unique. So many writers in Somerville and the surrounding area have books out published by presses here and elsewhere. Other writers in other cities outside of MA cannot believe how great our writing community is here.

Gloria Mindock

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